AND...ACTION! A movie genre that is exciting from beging to end. Some of the best action movies blend a great plot will fantastic and well shot action scenes, come together to make a full force movie thrill ride. This is the genre of film that may have gotten people into the craft. To me action movies go well with other types of film like to (in some cases overly used) Thriller or Romantic subgerne. Most of the time action movies are big blockbusters, but some of the best can be smaller inde films that turn in to cult movies, like 2014s John Wick

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Here's some of my favorite Action movies:

(remember that they are in no order and that it is 100% my opinon)

  • John Wick: What I love about this movie is not the story for it only servers the purpose of getting use to the next action scene, nut the action its self and the cinematography. First lets talk about the cinematography. The camera alwas stays away from the action perfectly. I hate more then anything else is the modern shaky cam that is way to close to the action, having the cameraman shake the camera are hard are they can 2 inchs away from the action. Some movies acully ADD MORE SHAKE TO THE SHOT IN EDITING! *sigh*. Ok... What I love about John Wick is that there is no skakey cam, end of story. Next up is the action itself. The nightclub scene is one of my alltime favorite scenes ever. The camera angles are placed in the perfect places. The scene goes from a stelthly, sneak around scene, to a full out, one man army battle. the scene gets more and more brutal for the protagines has not care for his own safety, so that makes the scene more intence. The whole movie is like this, fantastic action and great camrea work.
  • Skyfall: The 50 year James Bond anniversary combines a great spy story, great action, and a great villan to make Skyfall. I almost but Casino Royale, Daniel Craigs first movie as the charatcer, but Skyfall won out because of the heart and themes of the movie. The action is great, with a home alone style action scene near the end of the movie, and a perfect amont of call backs to the past of the character. The story is more personal to the characters of the film then other spy films, and you can feel it. It may also help that is was the first James Bond movie I watched in a theater, so it will always hold a place in my heart.